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Silva Blended Learning personal training and convenient home study

The personal touch of live training plus the convenience of the Internet brings the UltraMind ESP System to you.


Convenience - Location - availability - flexibility - no need to leave your home or office. Learn when, where, and how you want to. No travel required.

Discover how ESP can help you in every area of your life

Use your natural God-given intuition to solve difficult problems, create solutions, and achieve even greater success

  • Protect your health
  • Make better decisions
  • Be safer from accidents
  • Attract good luck
  • Change your life and the world around you for the better

The Alpha level will help you:

  • Recall and analyze information instantly

  • Understand difficult problems and how to solve them

  • Make smarter decisions and solve more problems

  • Turbocharge your mind

  • Learn to use your natural God-given intuition effectively

Our Advanced ESP training will help you:

  • Find a job, earn more money, achieve goals

  • Gain respect, get more done in less time, find your purpose

  • Understand yourself & others better

  • Bypass skepticism & resistance with direct mind-to-mind communication

  • Know the future so you can plan better for what lies ahead

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Let us help you unleash your Superpowers and show you how to use them every day

It's simple: let your intuition guide you automatically to help you and your family to enjoy life more.

Begin today and start using your Superpowers to help you in every day the way our students are learning to do successfully.

UltraMind goes far beyond any "self-improvement" or "mind development" program you may have taken in the past.

And your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Learn how you can program yourself for Success

Learn to use the untapped power of your mind to improve your relationships, your earning power, your family, your community, your world... in all of the things that matter the most to you.

Then trust your intuition and take the first steps in a journey to a whole new world, a subjective world - the world of the mind - where anything is possible.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

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Silva Ultra Mind E.S.P. Systems Blended Learning

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Most courses also include instant downloads that are yours to keep forever.

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Choose the most important subject you need to work on right now. 


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Learn to function at alpha, solve more problems.

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