New book features beautiful, unique Apollo Mission launch photos

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s One Giant Leap for Mankind with the most beautiful and unique Apollo Mission Launch Photos you will ever see.

Ed Bernd Jr., veteran journalist and author of half a dozen Silva books, is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing with a new book that features amazing photos he made of several Saturn 5 rocket launches.

“They said it was impossible,” Ed recalled, “that you couldn’t make a 60 second time-exposure photograph of a Saturn 5 rocket launch, in the daytime, in color, shooting directly into a Florida sunrise.

“But I love doing things that people say can’t be done,” he continued, “so I went ahead and did it anyway.”

Ed made daylight time exposure photos of the Apollo 4 and Apollo 8 launches in color, a unique double-exposure photo of Apollo 11 with the moon in the background, and a time exposure of the Apollo 17 launch blazing through the night sky that is so spectacular it surprised even him.

Read the stories behind these amazing photos, now being published for the very first time. Learn about the challenges they posed, and the coincidences that made them possible.

The book includes full page, full color copies of the photos that you can cut out and display to commemorate these historic launches:

•Apollo 4 lifting off into a blazing Cocoa Beach, Florida, sunrise
•Apollo 8’s first flight carrying astronauts to the moon
•Apollo 11’s journey to a thrilling historic moon landing
•Apollo 17’s late-night liftoff on the final mission of the Apollo program

“I’ve always enjoyed doing creative things,” Ed said. “The Silva courses have enhanced my creativity, and at the same time have helped me to focus it better so I am actually accomplishing more of the things I imagine – like finally publishing these amazing photos after 50 years.”

The book, Amazing, Beautiful, Historic Apollo Launch Photos, is available at bookstores worldwide. It includes full page, full color copies of the beautiful photos that you can cut out and display to commemorate the historic launches.

There is also a website where you can download all of the pictures for free at 1024 x 768 pixels suitable for your computer or a digital photo frame.

If you wish you can order photographic quality prints with an option for custom framing.

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