What Sales People need

Business and Sales Success with Silva Ultra Mind E.S.P. Systems Advanced E.S.P. Techniques


  • Replace old fears and phobias with genuine inner strength


  • Mentally detect your prospect’s real wants and needs and speak with thunder


  • When you know, it communicates… and produces results


  • And it is results that puts money into your bank account


Katherine Sandusky

Presented by Katherine Sandusky, Silva Instructor and Author

What will you learn in this Webinar?

In this Convenient and Cost Effective Webinar you will Learn Silva UltraMind's Advanced ESP Techniques to:

  • Mentally detect what your prospects and customers are thinking, what their real wants and needs are
  • Project an idea into their mind to help them discover the value of your offer
  • Mentally persuade them to take action right now and buy your product or service
You will learn all of this and much more in our brand new Silva UltraMind Webinar on Advanced ESP Techniques for Sales Professionals.
Basic and Advanced Techniques in one Webinar:
  • Mental Projection for Boosting your Motivation, Desire, Enthusiasm
  • Program "mental reminders"
  • Program your mind to alert you of opportunities
  • Mental Rehearsal for Self-programming
  • Subjective (mental) communication with anyone, anywhere, to pave the way to success
  • 3-Fingers Trigger Mechanism for Stronger Programming
  • Mental Sales Coach to call on when you need help or encouragement
  • Automatically find the Best Time to Program for Success
  • Alpha Decision Making Technique
  • How to function at Alpha with Eyes Open
  • Getting Information Mentally “On-the-Fly” during your sales presentation
  • Mental Broadcasting Technique to find prospects
  • Mental Marketing to get people excited about your offer
  • How to Establish Instant Rapport before you meet your client for the first time
  • Juan Silva's World Famous Green Felt Technique to instantly program any environment for success

What makes this Webinar better than a seminar?

A seminar provides 2 days of intensive training, then you are pretty much on your own. 

In the 8-week Webinar we give you homework, and we make sure you do your homework. 

You don't just learn about the techniques, you actually use them so we can make sure you are enjoying success with them.

Growing better week-by-week

The first week you practice deepening your level of mind and increasing  your motivation and desire to succeed.

During the 2nd week, you will start applying self-programming techniques at the alpha level to help you do whatever you do better. 

Later you will learn how to use the same techniques to influence other people mentally and help them to do whatever they do better. 

A better way of selling... and living

Jose Silva Jr., our mentor and guide, calls UltraMind “A new way of living.”

We don't just explain it to you, we make sure to get you off on a good start actually experiencing this "new way of living"

Imagine what you can do when you are armed with the knowledge of what your prospects and clients are really thinking, what their real wants and needs are.

Are you willing to accept the responsibility that comes with being able to put an idea into your prospect's mind?

The Silva Advanced ESP for Sales Webinar Reservations being accepted on a first-come first-served basis, so if you want to attend, send the form below as soon as possible to reserve your place in the Webinar:

Sales Power the Silva Mind Method for Sales Professionals

Use Your Genius Faculties:

Your mind, and your natural God-given intuition.

In today's competitive marketplace, you need every advantage you can get.

Learn how to use your intuition accurately and reliably.

Then practice using it every day, and use the special techniques that Jose and Juan Silva used to help them earn all the money they needed.

This is how to get the inside information you need legally and ethically.

Isn't it time you gave yourself the same advantages that the ultra successful people have?

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