2nd Edition of Silva Business ESP Book

The Second Edition of the book about using the Silva UltraMind ESP System for Business Success has been released, with a new look and a new title: Silva UltraMind Systems ESP for Business Success: Use Intuition to: Solve Problems, Create Solutions, Earn More Money.

    The authors, Jose Silva Jr. along with Silva UltraMind Systems Instructor Katherine Sandusky and long time Silva Method lecturer Ed Bernd Jr., give this summary of the value of ESP in business:

• Your messages can’t be blocked
• Information cannot be hidden from you
• You can easily tell if someone is lying to you
• It is always available and free to use
• It is instant, reliable, and verifiable

    Whether you are a business executive or a home worker, an entrepreneur or freelancer, Jose Silva’s UltraMind Systems ESP for Business Success gives you the winning mindset you need to succeed.

• Oprah Winfrey said: “The more we can tune in to our intuition, the better off we are.”
• Steve Jobs called it “more powerful than intellect.”
• Albert Einstein said it is “the sacred gift.”

    Your knowledge, mind power, and inner strength will give you the only real job security that exists. This book will help you: ”

• Make better decisions
• Improve efficiency
• Boost your confidence
• Communicate better
• Find hidden information
• Anticipate the future
• Plan for what lies ahead
• Create a better world

    The UltraMind ESP System is the culmination of the life work of Silva Method founder José Silva.

   The book was originally released under the title Silva UltraMind’s Intuitive Guidance System for Business. The same techniques are included in this new edition.

    The book is published by G&D Media of New York, and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book sellers.

    For information and to contact the authors, please visit http://www.SilvaCourses.com.

About Katherine Sandusky

Silva UltraMind Webinar Presenter and President of Avlis Productions Inc.