Wellness and Health

Wellness and Healing

Good health is the foundation of good life. Without good health, you will not be as productive as you could be, you cannot be there for your family the way you want to be, and you won't enjoy all the goodness that life has to offer.

The better your health, the more energy you will have to solve problems and improve conditions for yourself and your loved ones.

Learn techniques to help yourself and your loved ones, so you can enjoy life more.

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Holistic Faith Healing

Do you have healing hands?

Are you willing to be the very first "Neighborhood Healer" in your neighborhood?

Nothing is more important than good health.  And what could be more valuable than having a healer in your family.

Now in this special workshop authorized by Jose Silva, supervised and trained by a Silva instructor, you can learn these time tested holistic faith healing techniques.

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Sports Power

Jose Silva's Guide to Mental Training for Fitness and Sports.

Exercise both your body and your mind so that you can play the game and win the way the pros do.

Whether you are a beginner or a world champion, there are techniques in the Silva Star Athlete Superstars Fitness Secrets Program that you can use to enhance your physical and mental skills. Don't just sit and watch other people enjoying the rewards of success - get up and get involved.

Use the mental techniques developed by Jose Silva the way that the superstars do, and enjoy the benefits of better health, attractive appearance, the recognition for what you have accomplished, and the personal satisfaction of knowing that you achieved something worthwhile.

Use the techniques to help you achieve your training and athletic goals, to get the body you want, and to live the healthy, successful life that you deserve.


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